Vivah Saubhagya - Matrimonial Site Success Story Of Kunal Weds Subhangini

Kunal Weds Subhangini

I met my dream Girl here on VivahSaubhagya. We spoke on the Phone and it was an instant connect . She used to listen my stories and laugh at my Jokes. The best thing In her is, she is intelligent and Career Oriented , the way I always wanted my Wife to be. That was November 2019, and we plan to get married on February 2020. Its Just 3 months, but I have never doubted for any moment that I will marry my soulmate. And I know how lucky I am. Can you imagine? I LOOKED at this Girl, and some weird force that is so much more powerful than myself moved me to her.

Vivah Saubhagya - Matrimonial Site Success Story of Ashutosh Weds Vineeta

आशुतोष संग विनीता

हम विवाह सौभाग्य डॉट कॉम के बहुत आभारी हैं क्योंकि हम अपने जीवनसाथी को इसके माध्यम से ढूंढ पाए । हमें एक-दूसरे की प्रोफ़ाइल पसंद आई, और बिल्कुल सहज भावनाएं मिली, आप हजारों लोगों से मिलते हैं और उनमें से कोई भी वास्तव में आपके दिल को नहीं छूता है, और फिर आप एक व्यक्ति से मिलते है अपने जीवन में, जो आपके जीवन को हमेशा के लिए बदल देता है। कभी-कभी, हम इस तथ्य से बहुत चकित महसूस करते हैं कि निकट भविष्य हमारे लिए बहुत सुंदर अनुभव रखता है। मुझे अभी भी विश्वास नहीं हो रहा है कि मैं वर्तमान में इस तरह की भावना का अनुभव कर रहा हूं। यह अभी भी एक सपने जैसा लगता है।

Vivah Saubhagya - Matrimonial Site Success Story of Mayank Weds Shivani

मयंक संग शिवानी

मेरी जीवनसंगिनी को खोजने में मेरी मदद करने के लिए विवाह सौभाग्य का धन्यवाद। विवाह सौभाग्य आपको मनपसंद साथी खोज के प्रत्येक विवरण को खोजने और प्रत्येक प्रोफ़ाइल की गोपनीयता बनाए रखने की सुविधा देता है। शायद ही कोई महीना हो जब मैंने विवाह सौभाग्य की सशुल्क सेवा का उपयोग करना शुरू किया हो और मेरा इनबॉक्स मैचों से भर गया हो। अपने विवाह के लिए जीवनसाथी को पाने के लिए लोगों की मदद करते रहें, टीम विवाह सौभाग्य को बधाई। सादर, मयंक

Vivah Saubhagya - Matrimonial Site Success Story of Mohit Weds Kavita

Mohit Weds Kavita

2 Years I searched for him, Daily I came to find my life partner... I'd way of mammal for her everywhere I went, To me she the person who is made for me by God... When I first saw him I wasn't hence flattering, Maybe after we meet I'd taking into account him more... She found me during my search for her, Life before that is now a blur... I knew he was the one in the our first meeting, But I took my era to be sure that fate was not cheating... In the first half an hour I was flattering, That she is the one I wanted to spend an eternity & some more... The second meeting strong the peace, We told our parents how we air... Now we despise to stay apart, And can't wait for Our Life to Start !!! Special thanks to for helping us meet... Its been a long journey but this wait was worth it.... I appreciate all the suggestions and maintain that I confirmed from Vivah Saubhagya team... I intensely circulate to all my intimates who are yet searching for their Perfect have the same opinion... Wish You All A Great Success and Best of Luck for Future !!!

Vivah Saubhagya - Matrimonial Site Success Story of Atul Weds Sonali

Atul Weds Sonali

My say is Sonali and my fiances name is Atul . We met through On 26th January I got a call from VivahSaubhagya that they are providing some discount appropriately I every one & registered as a lover. That boy is Atul and this is how our Story started. On 27th June Atul sent me interest request. After viewing his profile I in style his inclusion request that day itself. After I accepted his request he pinged me in Whatsapp if I would considering to discuss and know each additional. I intensely and we both shared all our intimates details. After knowing just about his associates I asked him to chat to my parents and gave him my mothers number. The neighboring hours of day itself his elder sister called my mother and anything went vis--vis consequently cordial. After that Atul messaged me if we can chat highly developed than phone. I terribly and subsequently he called. He was enormously agreeable & manageable. We both were as a outcome much cordial in adjacent 2 days that I wanted to chat when him even more. I am basically from Bhopal and my associates resides in Bhopal. But I stay in Gurgaon and operational in HP. He basically belongs to Delhi and stays behind his mother and elder sister. As my parents stay far-off away as a consequences my mommy suggested both of us to meet first & plus let them know, if we both are to your liking subsequent to each option. So we first met considering reference to 4th July and i was unquestionably eager and he too. He came to pick me in PG. As I sat in his car he nicely welcomed me & started talking following me, it was the moment I cant melody in words. First epoch we met but we were hence much suitable taking into account than each late accretion, Then our associates decided to meet. So the then-door Saturday I was visiting my place for vacation. So they selected to enter upon our place to meet my associates. Next Saturday upon 18th July Mans and his sister visited Bhopal and my intimates were so glad to see them. My parents were every one happy & they treated him later their son. As we are 3 sisters & dont have any brother, so my parents wanted a son not a Son in take effect. As days passed upon we started liking each auxiliary a lot. After a week my intimates approved to visit their place and if they united to their familial the neighboring hours of hours of daylight itself they would realize the Roka ceremony. My relatives visited their place and the taking into consideration daylight itself our Roka ceremony was held. After that we started meeting each adding taking place frequently and our honoring started successful. And now we are thus much in adulation subsequent to than each additional. He cares a lot for me & he is my special someone for whom I was waiting . Our marriage is upon 31st January. Just waiting eagerly for the daylight to the front.

Shashank Jain Married Shalini Bapna

Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry. We met and today we are looking forward to have a wonderful journey ahead as one. Thanks for bringing us TOGETHER.

Vikas Married Shivira

Hello VivahSaubhagya team. I was avoiding the local proposals for my marriage due to the very busy schedule of my work, which amounts to the unhappiness of my family and relatives. Then one day my best friend convinced me to make a profile for marriage proposals on of which I agreed. Soon I found the marriage proposals useful according to the selection which I thought to prefer for my marriage. After going the number of profiles finally I found my wife on the whose profile was interesting and fit to my expectations. On 21.09.2019 finally, we got married. Thanks to and its mates who worked like angles of the god from heaven.

Prashant Saxena Married Garima Srivastava

We had a great experience on At last we found a excellent and suitable match on VivahSaubhagya. I recommend everybody to register on vivahsaubhagya as all profiles are 100% genuine. Please register on instead of using other Online Matrimonial websites.

Prateek Weds Akanksha

Hello Thanks Vivah Saubhagya Team to help me in my biggest hunt of life , I'm glad I found my life partner who is almost like me in interest, thinking and lifestyle. My parents started looking for a match for me in 2014 we tried everything like astrologers, caste society meetings, meeting acquaintances for the same and matrimonial sites, I finally found my partner here. The best thing about Vivah Saubhagya is the display of profile is attractive, user friendly and it cares about all possible Indian marriage criteria ( caste,education,location, income, family background, marital status,etc) which helps very much in finding the perfect match . I'm about to get married in February 2019 and I'm immensely thankful to Vivah Saubhagya. Regards Prateek

Devanshu Seth Married Khushbu Khanna

Hi, I would like to thank for finding a desired partner for me through their website within a short spam of time. I would suggest that people should go for VivahSaubhagya and wait for sometime sooner or later they will find the desired partner at this portal.

Arun Kumar Weds Isha

Hi, He found me on, and Really Hunted me in life, After meeting some times and talking with him, I really fell in Love with Him, And we are engaged now and will be marrying on 12th Oct, 2019. Thanks VivahSaubhagya. I was really hopeless if I will be able to get suitable life Partner at this age, But it Awesome. 100% Right place to find some one who is made for you by god. Have a lot to say.. But no time since he is waiting.. Bye..

Vipin Married Shreya

Met Shreya on . Its intresting story. We had contacted via VivahSaubhagya sometime back, which both of us could not take further then as we were busy with other stuffs in our lives. Finally, I sent a message to her and we started interacting. Our families also started interacting with each other. Once were sure about ourselvs, the rest of the things were just a formality. Today, It does not occur to both of us that we are having a marriage arranged for us, rather it seems like a pure love marriage. :). The most important thing while finding a match is to maintain a logic-emotion balance. We have to be sure of compatibility issues as far as practical factors are concerned as well as we have to let pur emotional side of brain free to decide emotional compatibility as well. And last but definitely not the least, thanks to VivahSaubhagya Team for giving a platform like this, where one can find their soulmate match in very seamless manner. Its Right Tagline for VivahSaubhagya Team "God Makes, We Match.

Nikhil Married Preety

I regiter my profile on many matrimonial websites...but my search for finding the perfect soul soulmate fulfilled on I strongly recommend this site for persons seeking their perfect match.

Ashok Married Shilpa

It gives an immense pleasure for getting my perfect match in vivahsaubhagya. My partner Ashok is extraordinarily caring, with magnificent personality,He is legendary for me now..I am very glad to have the person like him in my life..Nevertheless My parents are also extremely happy to make him as their son-in- law.Hoping for the best...We are looking for wonderful married life together.

Moumita Weds Apoorva

Hello every one. My family is very concerned about my marriage but I always avoid the marriage proposals because they didn't match the expectations which i desired from my life partner.Then my mom made my profile at In the beginning I take this site in a casual way and not found any suitable match but when i buy paid membership i got the result in a very few days. I get a chance to meet my dream life partner as I desired and in few months we are going to marry. We both are very thankful to VivahSaubhagya team.

Abhijeet Panchal Married Thejasvi Panchal

Thank you vivahsaubhagya team and guruji for playing major role in helping me find my soul mate. It wasn't for, we would have never found each other. We are very happy to have found each other. Thank you

Shekhar Kapoor Married Rachana Bahal

I am delighted to find my match on .It was an amazing experience for me and my family. Thanks to VivahSaubhagya Team.

Ritesh Married Priya Goel

I found VivahSaubhagya one of the best online matrimonial site -, which gives us many options to search according to our preference.

Mukesh Yadav Married Parul Yadav

Me & Parul met on , finding a perfect life partner is really tough these days because everyone is busy in their lives. This site provides a wide variety and the interested people can contact directly . Al thought i believe that marriages are made in heaven but this inter-state marriage wouldn't be possible without vivahsaubhagya matrimonial ,it helped me to get my soulmate , as i am from jaipur (Rajasthan and she is from salempur (U.P.) ,Our culture is different but we and our families too accepted and engaged that , I send Interest to her on 15 july 2017 after her acceptance our families got involved & finally on 12 December 2017 , we got married , we are really thankful to vivahsaubhagya .com

Narasimman Married Sandhya

Thanks you so much vivahsaubhagya team, for helping us to marry. I received interest from some profiles saying those profiles are interested in me. I accepted all but Sandhya Only turned up. And now I have married her.

Harshad Married Isha

At first I had no hope finding a partner via this way because it felt too virtual. But then I came across a person with whom I connected instantly. upgraded my account by Taking a paid membership helped as I could see the person's contact details. Also... the about section helped me know more about her. That's how I approved of her & we started talking. Our families met & everything went well. It did not feel any different than meeting a person offline as the process is exactly the same when it comes to an arranged marriage. So my advice to all who are skeptical about this process would be to go for it..because you might get lucky & find your perfect partner... like I did. :)

Mukund Valmikrao Married Nidhi

I am fully satisfied with Vivah Saubhagya Vs Direct services which were provided to me after I registered in this website . I would gladly recommend anyone to use the VS Direct services in this package they provide meetings at preferred location also providing Astrologer Pandit Suresh Ji Guidence, Astrologer analysis both Kundli and let you know about all details career, nature, future etc..

Digvijay & Varsha

I ( Varsha ) had an account on from past few months and had been accepting & sending interests. It kept on going. Initially i was handling the profile, later i asked my mom to deal with it. One day on 24 Nov' 2017 , we got an interest of Mr. Digvijay, so my mom accepted the profile and informed me about him and asked me to talk to him. I sent him a msg on whatsapp and this is how we started our communication. We used to talk daily, preferably in the evening as we both used to get free from our work by that time. Gradually, we developed a connection , attachment for each other and we had planned to meet. We met almost after a week nearby my house in Ram Vatika Garden. Then we go for dinner together. We were really happy and excited to see each other. Days were passing by and there were times when we had arguments and small fights too, we managed to clear it though. After our meet we realized that we like each other and more of that we have started loving each other, so discussed to involve our families. He had shared my profile at his home and talked about me. As there was no link, no mediator in between our families no one was sure how to proceed it further. He tried to manage at his home and our families met. It took time to come to a conclusion and thoughts were going on. Finally everyone was pleased/ convinced/ agreed to go ahead with our Roka ceremony on 20 Nov' 2017. we are blessed with the wedding on 30 Dec'2017. Regards, Varsha

Surendra & Sapna

I got an interest in my Vivahsaubhagya .com profile from her. Then I got called by her family. Later on we noticed that we are from same hometown. Its love marriage arranged by Thanks

Pooja Married Ashish

I am thankful to to help me in finding my not only perfect match but true soulmate. it is said that "jodiyan upar se banti hai" main uske aage bolna chahungi k unko milata hai.

Sandeep & Aruna

We got in touch after reading our profiles. After being convinced about our compatibility, we got married and living happily. Thanks a lot to

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