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Security Tips

It is our responsibility to make you aware about safety and security we are covering all of those points which include that you should do for your security and what you should not do, Our aim is to provide you a secure platform, Kindly have a look on below given section and keep in mind to all do and don’t.

Protect your identity from our setting section

Our system shows only your first name and first letter of your title. You can set other setting in setting section.

You should– Go to setting > photo privacy settings and set to whom and when you want to show your photos

You should DON’T – you should never include your contact information like email, home address, mobile number, telephone number into your about us message. You should not give your contact info into chat,message.

Share your email

We suggest you to create an separate email id for communication use your intuition and start communication on email slowly.

You should – Keep on communicating on email and observe the person and his consistency, become inconsistence in-front of person, If He/She is serious, will respect your inconsistency and will give permit you to take time.

Show those email to other and ask to observe. Which you may missed.

If you feel that the person is imposing pressure on you, Stop communicating with that person.

You should NOT – you should not use your contact info in Email or signature.

We will suggest to use separate email just because of none can track it via social network sites.

Request for photo

Photo is the first thing which help people to identify person’s appearance, which definitely help people to observe things about the prospect.

You should– First observe people by their photographs If prospect has not uploaded photo then our system of request a photo will allow to send you a photo request to the prospect.

You should NOT -If prospect is ignoring your request of uploading photo, then you should ask the reason and if you didn’t get reason valid then stop communicating.

Chat on Phone

Voice call keep in mind about security and don’t give your contact info to strangers

You should– Before communication must feel comfortable talking with prospect.

You should NOT -If someone gives you a strange number or strange area code, avoid communication with that person.

Feel comfortable online and then meet

Online communication is away to know more about the person if you feel comfortable with all info provided in online communication from the prospect, then you can go in offline meeting.

You should- you should ensure that you are comfortable with meeting with prospect. While first meeting you should not go alone go with any family member or trusted friend/person and also insist the prospect with coming with someone.

You should NOT –you should not meet first time alone. You should not go to for movie in first meeting

Communication matters

you should never ignore the inconsistence answer about income, age, family etc.

Communication is the way you can feel that how you can spend your life with the prospect.

You should– you should keep on asking a lot of questions and you should check how much consistence response is coming from the other end.

  • Keep on observing prospect’s anger and frustration or domination behavior towards you.
  • You must involve your family member while taking decision of marriage.

Should NOT Ignore - you should never ignore the inconsistence answer about income, age, family etc.

If the prospect is not able to give direct answer of your question.

Should check his online behavior on social networking sites and read all comment provided by other for him.

If prospect never let you meet with his family and friends then you should not communicate with him/her.

Beware from the Fake and Money Scammers

If you feel that the prospect is asking for some lend or money investment for his/her own personal profit/purpose, you should take suggest from your family and if needed then police also.

If anyone ask about money investment you should immediately stop communicating with him/her.

In case of any uncomfortable talk or meeting you should report that user to our team we will take action against him/her.